Aviary Manufacturers

Aviary Accessories UK
Corners Limited
Custom Cage Works
Jungle Nest

Information on Building Your Own Aviary

Backyard Aviary - suggested materials, order building plans
Niko Parrot - instructions for an attractive indoor aviary
Shyne Foundation - details of materials and foliage used in their enclosures

Resources for Aviary Parts and Materials

CanopyMasters - connectors for using 3/4" up to 1 5/8" poles for framing
KWCages - GAW wire rolls, arched frames, wire panels, framed doors
MemphisNet - low price on connectors for using 3/4" EMT poles for framing
Outwater Plastics - square tubing & connectors like those used by some aviary manufacturers, octagon & hexagon kits
Phantom Mesh - stainless steel coiled mesh, see Colleen Swearingen's Aviary
TWP Inc - reasonably priced stainless steel welded wire
Shelters-To-Go - galvanized connectors for an EMT framing system
Swellands - GAW wire and framed aviary doors
Valentine Inc - an assortment of aviary building materials
ZooMesh - stainless steel wire mesh